Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Austrian Shade Deserves Another Chance

It's not likely that you'll see many Austrian Shades. 
You may have to visit Embassy Row in Washington, DC.

I made this Austrian Shade using 2 times fullness.  The standard fullness is 3 times the length.  I wanted to use what I had and study the effects.
What impresses me about the Austrian 
is it's ability to give you more privacy than a sheer curtain and still allow light to fill the room. 

At night I like to raise the shades and gaze at the stars before falling asleep and in the morning waking up with the rising sun. 

Yes, there are occasions when I draw the 
drapery panels and sleep in.
I'm not sure what color to paint this room.  This sandy tone has got to go.  Let me know what color you recommend.    If  I use your suggestion and you sign on to follow  I'll send you a gift.


  1. Love the shades they are so romantic.
    I think you should paint the room a mid-tome gray and the ceiling a pale gray. This will set off the panels.

  2. Fay I never thought of gray. I'll get some paint samples.

  3. How about red? Not orange, but very rich--slightly towards wine or burgundy. Very Victorian.