Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silk and Viscose

I knew we would find it, the perfect fabric, the right color and the perfect "hand" (hand is a term used in the design industry to articulate how textiles feel and handle).
The fabric is a combination,  20% Silk and 80% Viscose.  Viscose is a man made fiber processed from wood pulp.  It falls somewhere in between a synthetic and a natural fiber.   Viscose breathes like cotton and is soft to the touch.  It adds stability and softness to silk.
 Viscose is also helpful because it allows me to manipulate and handle the fabric.  Again the term "hand".
The hand featured in this photo is that of the homeowner :-).

 We knew we had the right fabric so we moved forward with the Kingston Valance and side panels over paper shades.

Later we added sheers.

        The Drapery Shop offers this fabric in more than 60 colors.
It retails for $39.00 per yard.