Sunday, July 24, 2011

Larger than Usual

You can see how large the balloons on this shade are when you compare them to my size.
 Sometimes balloon shades can be very intrusive.  Selecting the right size balloon makes all the difference in great window treatment design.  Usually a designer would opt to have 3 balloons on this window.
The room was huge and there  were 
two 44 inch windows . 

The folds on the roman shades below are
larger than usual too.   
There were 6 shades in this room and we didn't want the polka dots to appear the dominate the project so we made the folds larger and added a trim banding to draw attention away from what seemed to be million's of little dots.

The shades were operable, so the more you pull them up  the more volume you have at the top of the window. 

I wish I took a picture of them at their highest point to show you how nice they looked.