Sunday, September 18, 2011

Magenta and America's top Executives

A panel of 900 CEOs organized by USA Today participated in an online 60-second color
 personality test, and the results were striking: The bosses don't like yellow or red, but
they're big fans of magenta – at least compared to the rest of the population.  
You'll find the link to read this article and take the test below.
I snapped these photos in the home of one of my favorite clients. 

She's bold, compassionate and confident.
She is also a very successful business woman.
 I value her critique as well has her encouragement.
That's me putting the final touches on the window treatment.
Check out this sofa and the feathered pillows.
You can click each picture to enlarge.

Follow this link to read the article and take the test.

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  1. love the contrast of color...great drapes behind the bed