Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lynn's Lambrequins

Not many home owners are daring enough to commission lambrequines. 
 Lambrequins are cornices that frame the window on the sides as well as on the top.

The face fabric is a print and the sides are upholstered with a rust chenille. 
Notice how the rust chenille is also covering the inside of the lambrequins legs. 
You can see it there on the right.
The rust colored fabric is a nice compliment on the gold walls.  It really helps lift and separate the lambrequins from the walls.

We had to measure for a perfect fit.
It needed to touch the chair rail.

Jackie, the interior designer who hired me to build and cover the lambrequins currently resides in Williamsburg, VA and owns a furniture and design store there.

I loved working on this project!

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  1. I think that this is such a fun way to approach drapery! I am getting engaged and I would love some drapery. South Jordan, UT has a place that I think we will register at. Hopefully we'll get something cool like this for our wedding!